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By: theinfineight | July 31, 2016

For almost the entire Philippines, the first thing that comes into their mind when Lauren Rosales is mentioned is that "girl who was shot in a jeepney". At the age of twenty-six, that was her final and unfortunately, most famous moniker.

But for her loved ones, Lauren Rosales was Kulot (Curly), Nangnang (Grandmother), Superwoman, Bebe Lauren, Babe, Honey and Hun-Hun. She was a young woman who first delved into the fandoms when the Taiwanese drama "Meteor Garden" first aired in the Philippines. She was one of the youngest members of the fanclub for that show at the age of thirteen. Most of her fellow fangirls were college students and young professionals.


Lauren Rosales outside the meet and greet venue for Kim Hyun Joong