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By: theinfineight | August 02, 2016

You might consider this an AU of #KimKExposedTaylorParty where Taylor Swift gets back at Kim Kardashian and #TSwiftExposedKimParty happens

It all started when Twitter user @apologydjh felt upset that GMA News had to consider Michelle of "Pabebe Girls" finally having eyebrows as a newsworthy item which resulted to this quote-retweet they made to GMA News:

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By: theinfineight | August 01, 2016

Slaying the world wide web from the Philippines with love! 

Mikey Bustos is back at it again with his videos that uplift us during these tough times in our country with his parody of Meghan Trainor's "No" that opens with his date in the video trying to guess his race and him suddenly breaking into a song, putting a stop to his date's guessing game

The video showcases positive stereotypes of the Filipino that one can readily use to spot a Filipino or if you're a Filipino, to spot a fellow Filipino. Within a few seconds into the song parody itself in the video, we found ourselves singing along and reliving those days when our country was in a much better place. 

So for your viewing pleasure, here's Mikey Bustos' parody of Meghan Traino...

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By: theinfineight | July 27, 2016

Something historic happened today and that historic event were the living former presidents of the Philippines and President Rodrigo Duterte meeting for the first time. In a photo released by the Philippine Star, the five join for a photo together at the Malacanang Palace